Peace Prize – Criteria




Selection Criteria

All nominees should satisfy at least three of the following four criteria:


Longterm and sustainable work

Exemplarity and sense of responsibility, dedication to a cause



Transparency and tolerance


Nominees’ work should be in one of the following areas:


Human rights and social justice

Fighting poverty and economic injustice

Eliminating gender-based violence and discrimination

Ending war, violence and armed conflict or alleviating the effects


The Soroptimist International of Europe Peace Prize is intended not only to award the winner for the exceptional work they have already undertaken but also to facilitate their future projects dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of peace in their community and beyond. This is why the Peace Prize amounts to the rather significant amount of EUR 20’000. The Peace Prize also includes an official certificate signed by the President of Soroptimist International of Europe and the Chairperson of the Jury, as well as a statue designed by Bettina Scholl Sabbatini, an artist and Soroptimist from Luxembourg.

If the winner is a group of women, the group will designate one person to represent the group and receive the award


How to apply:

  1. Name of the Union or Single Club submitting the nomination
  2. Biography of the nominee or head of nominated group (1 page max.)
  3. Description of the nominee’s or group’s peace-related activities, in general (400 words max.)
  4. Description of a particularly noteworthy project implemented by the nominee or group (400 words max.)
  5. Supporting documentation for her/their peace activities and project