Abenteuer Lesen mit Lese-Schirm-Fest

Lesen, Schirme, Märchenbuch

Im Rahmen des Projekts „Abenteuer Lesen“ des Clubs Spittal–Millstättersee von SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL haben Schülerinnen und Schüler der Spittaler Volksschulen Ost und West, der Volksschulen Möllbrücke, Pusarnitz, Sachsenburg, Millstatt, die Neue Mittelschule 1 in Spittal und Dellach im Drautal, die Malschule Seeboden gebracht. Die weiteren im Projekt „Abenteuer Lesen“ brachten sich mit Ideen ein, so die VS Treffling, Lieserhofen und NMS 2 Spittal.

Genießen Sie die Photoschau, das Lese-Schirm-Fest war ein großer Erfolg! 500 Schülerinnen und Schüler mit ihren Lehrern und Direktoren – und natürlich mit aufgespannten bemalten Schirmen ließen sich viele Spittaler, nicht entgehen!


Das Lesefest im Schloßpark Porcia war ein fulminanter,  gelungener Abschluß für dieses Lesejahr.

Mit Schirm, Charme und Lesebuch …

„Ich bin ein Teil von allem, was ich je gelesen habe“


Project „Adventure Reading“

The joy of reading and, closely connected with it, the positive spiritual development and education of young people as well as the promotion of their self-esteem  have been in the focus of the project “Adventure Reading” of  the SI Club Spittal/Millstättersee. For six years 75 mentors have offered their service to children by reading with them one hour a week free of charge.  In the school-year 2016/2017 they supported 92 children in 13 schools in Carinthia on their way to becoming “bookworms”. So far, the highlight was the successful publication of  a fairytales book created by pupils:

“New Fairytales from Spittal” in the school-year 2015/2016.

 “I am part of everything that I have ever read.”

In order to continue supporting the increasing enthusiasm of the young people the “Reading-Umbrella-Project” was initiated! For this purpose, 500 white umbrellas were distributed to pupils of the schools involved, and they were invited to write or paint their favorite “reading slogan” or title of their favorite book in one of the eight sectors of the umbrella. It was up to their creativity how to design the other sectors of the umbrella. Of course, the children were also given appropriate permanent crayons and sprays.

Stimulation of creative potential plays a key role in strengthening self-confidence, which is so important. It also supports promotion of arts and culture, and gives personal recognition.

With this project, the Soroptimist Club Spittal/Millstättersee follows the worldwide SI theme “education to lead” and the European theme “invest in education”.

In many cases four pupils formed a team. Each pupil could decide whether to keep or sell his/her umbrella. 500 umbrellas were given to the primary schools Spittal East and West, Möllbrücke, Pusarnitz, Sachsenburg and Millstatt, the New Secondary School 1 in Spittal and Dellach im Drautal,  the “Painting school” in Seeboden.  Further schools involved in the project “Adventure Reading”, e.g. the primary schools Treffling and Lieserhofen, New Secondary School 2 Spittal contributed other ideas.

The project was also actively supported by artists like Roland Grasser, Franz Politzer, Ulrike Rössler-Steiger and our ‘painting Soroptimists’, above all Sissy Rosam, Erika Berger and Heidi Konrad.

Many thanks to the sponsors Europlast (managing director Helmuth Kubin) and Rieder-Shoes Spittal as well as to the company Goldeck Textil (Marika Mayer) which sponsored a repeat-order of 50 umbrellas.  These umbrellas were designed by Soroptimists. At the “Reading-Umbrella-Festival” the Oberkärntner Molkerei  sponsored cocoa-drinks.

Those designed umbrellas given back to the club by the schools – as a social project – were sold by the Soroptimist Club Spittal/Millstättersee, and the money raised by selling them will again be spent on the project “Adventure Reading” in order to buy new reading-material.

Now enjoy the photo-show of the “Reading-Umbrella-Festival”, which was a great success. 500 pupils – with their umbrellas opened – came with their teachers and headmasters to the event in the park of Spittal as well as many other local people. This event made Soroptimist International very well known!



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